Preschoolers: 2 – 3 years old

At this age, children are making new discoveries daily. As two-year-olds begin to exert their independence, our Preschool program opens their eyes to a world of learning, sharing, and exploring. Our balanced approach in the classroom engages young minds with a blend of music, art, and movement, as well as the early education fundamentals they’ll need as they continue on to preschool.

PLEASE NOTE: While personal-care activities, such as hand washing and diapering, are scheduled throughout the day, these will also occur outside of the schedule to meet individual children’s needs.

Sample Curriculum

Your two-year-old will learn age-appropriate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills, as well as Christian values appropriate for their age.

Practicing conversation skills through group story-telling and reading aloud
Starting to play alongside others rather than alone
Imitating the actions of classmates and teachers
Learning to share and cooperate

Identifying own feelings and those of others
Expressing creativity through art and music
Developing imagination and exploring dramatic play

Riding tricycles, tossing balls, dancing, and jumping
Increasing balance skills using beanbags and balance beams
Developing fine-motor skills by pouring, cutting, drawing, and stringing.
Practicing self-help skills such as hand washing and dressing

Learning new vocabulary and repeating words and short sentences
Identifying numbers and counting
Using the senses to investigate the world
Problem solving and making predictions
Bible stories to reinforce Christian values